As you might have known for quite some time, Eco-Postcard is the exclusive ecological postcard which contains a “living heart” inside of it. It consists of a small amount of peat with true seeds that, if regularly moistened, will turn into a little plant that can be transplanted into a bigger vase afterwards. Moreover, it’s packaged by hand by the disabled and disadvantaged workers of a social cooperative, it’s completely made of recycled materials and certified ecological paper and it’s entirely customizable with your own graphics on both sides.
Postcards are made to go far, and Eco-Postcard has already travelled a lot! It managed to go abroad and it arrived until Berlin to support an important project led by Joint Research Centre, the European Commission’s internal centre for scientific research. Despite the endless wandering, the ecological postcard by excellence has always many new ideas to deliver your messages to your beloved ones in a very original way. Did you know that Eco-Postcard can be an effective ally in plenty of other activities? For example it’s capable of supporting your company’s projects or even to turn your daily wishes into special.

Here follows a short list of the areas and the businesses in which the ecological postcard can be easily used: a suggestion that can be useful in many occasions:

1) COMPANIES: it can be used for sustainable and “green” communication programs, either as an institutional gadget or as a “symbol gadget” of the company to be distributed in official occasions (events, exhibitions, etc…). Moreover, it can be used as a tool for communication supporting a specific advertising campaign as for a line of organic products, as a Christmas card to be given to all the customers. As a matter of fact, Eco-Postcard can be shipped with a normal stamp, just like any other postcard

2) MUNICIPALITIES AND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES: it’s the ideal communication tool to support specific advertising campaigns aiming at raising the awareness about environmental themes, so dear to Eco-Postcard and to the future of the younger generations.

3) BOOKSHOPS AND STATIONERS’: Eco-Postcard is truly the perfect present, and that’s the reason why adding it to the selection of products in these shops will help a lot your business, especially during the periods before anniversaries and/or festivities – it will be an extremely special greeting card.

4) NGOs AND ASSOCIATIONS: it’s the gadget-symbol for campaigns of social awareness and fundraising, as well as for a Christmas “fair and ethical” gift. What are we talking about? Basically, all the companies who want to make a gift to their employees/suppliers/customers, can choose the postcard, rather than the usual “company gifts”, and contribute to the charity projects of the association.

5) MUSEUMS AND ART GALLERIES: if customized with the graphics of the exhibited works, it becomes the perfect gadget for the bookshop.

Last but not least, at the end of this list there’s you! You can use Eco-Postcard to send greetings, dedicate a thought and give a special touch to an important gift. Discover the multiple solutions offered by our catalogue and start to think about the graphics that you’d like to see printed on your postcard. Free your creativity, Eco-Postcard will turn your fantasies into real!