Eco-Postcard for Companies

Eco-Postcard is the customized ecological gadget perfect for your eco-social communication
If you represent a company, organization or public institution and you’re looking for an ecological gadget to promote yourself in a sustainable and original way, choose Eco-Postcard.
We customize entirely one or both sides of the ecological postcard with your graphical projector with one designed for you by our creative team. In addition, you can propose us the seed or the shape that represents better your company and we’ll find the most appropriate solution to your needs.
Eco-Postcard can be used as an ecological gadget for exhibitions and events, as promotional material for your advertising campaign and as an original greeting card for workers, customers and suppliers.
Being light, easy to handle and having standard dimensions you can send it by mail just like any other postcard.

Bloom your communication!

Here’s how we can customize your Eco-Postcard:


ll’inaugurazione del Punto d’Incontro Emilbanca a Fico c’erano anche le cartoline ecologiche Eco-Postcard, perfette per trasmettere un messaggio “green” a favore del territorio.


Quando il famoso brand di prodotti latticino-caseari emiliano ha creato la sua prima linea biologica non poteva scegliere mezzo migliore per farla conoscere ai suoi clienti di una cartolina ecologica col #cuorevivente di girasole!


Il marchio di vodka italiana Keglevich ha scelto Eco-Postcard per i propri eventi. Per richiamare la linea Pure Attraction alla frutta, il #cuorevivente di queste cartoline è di menta e melone.


Uno dei leader europei di diagnostica ha scelto le Eco-Postcard per promuovere i suoi servizi durante le maratone sponsorizzate dal network dei Centri medici.

La buona terra bio

Il marchio completamente biologico e made in Italy per la sua promozione business to business ha deciso di creare delle raffinate eco-postcard col #cuorevivente di basilico.

European Commission

Per i suoi eventi a tema green la Commissione Europea ha voluto le nostre Eco-Postcard, perfette per riassumere i valori della sostenibilità e del rispetto per l’ambiente.

Here’s how we can customize your Eco-Postcard:


Suggest us your graphical idea or ask our creative team for an original project for one or both sides of the ecological postcard with seeds


Sunflower, bluebell, tomato, zucchini…or even basil, wild fennel or chilli pepper: choose the seed you prefer or make a suggestion


Special dimensions and outlines perfectly suitable for your product: Eco-Postcard can have the shape you prefer the most.

Available seeds

  • Morning Glory
  • Daisy
  • Marigold
  • Sunflower
  • Pansy
  • Tagetes
  • Forget-me-not

…and may others…

  • Tomato
  • Chili Pepper
  • Wild Fennel
  • Cucumber

…and may others…

Aromatic Plants:
  • Basil
  • Mint
  • Sage

…and may others…


Moreover, you can ask for additional customizations, such as the single packaging, either in a box or in a sachet.

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