Bloom your communication
with Eco-Postcard!

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Make your communication alive with Eco-Postcard

Eco-Postcard is the exclusive patented card with a “living heart” that makes your communication 100% eco-friendly.
It has got a peat of seeds that will germinate a seedling directly on the postcard, just by keeping it wet daily.

Only a few drops of water and a lot of love will be enough to make germinate at its inside a little plant that, after being transplanted, will keep on growing luxuriously. Eco-Postcard can be used as an ecological gadget to promote a company, a product, as a souvenir, as a tourist postcard or even as a greeting card for any occasion.
Eco-Postcard will be unique, special and will keep your message green forever.

Just like a classic postcard, Eco-Postcard measures 10×15 cm and it can be sent by ordinary post using only a stamp!

Look how a plant is born out of Eco-Postcard

You can choose between many types of customization and make the ecological postcard more and more suitable to your needs. Send us your graphical project or ask for support given by our creative staff and you’ll even be able of choosing the shape and the type of seed..


It’s the best eco-friendly gadget because it is made of fluting made and eco-labelled paper. Inside it has a peat of seeds that, growing into a beautiful plant, will fully compensate for the CO2 emitted during its production.


Created by the Italian creative genius, it is entirely produced in Italy and hand-assembled by people from educational cooperative of the area.


You can choose from our catalogue or create the most appropriate Eco-Postcard for your campaign by sending us your graphics or with the support of our graphic team. It’s great for communication campaigns; it can be a gadget for fairs and events, a badge, a birthday card… and much more.

What germinates from Eco-Postcard

Our ecological postcards can be customized with several types of seeds, such as: bluebell, sunflower, chilli pepper, basil, tomato, zucchini, and many others!


Eco-Postcard for your company

Eco-Postcard is a promotional gadget for who cares about the environment: we can customize it in the graphics, shape and type of seeds. It’s suitable for all the companies who look for an original and innovative to promote themselves.

Bloom your communication!

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