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Become a retailer of our ecological postcards!

Offer your customers a green and innovative gift idea!

Become a retailer of our ecological postcards!

The “living hearted” ecological postcard is an original and unique present, appreciated by customers who’ll buy it as an ecological gift to be sent by mail (with stamp to be bought separately).
Choose from the catalogue the ecological postcards more suitable to your shop. We’ve designed many styles for every taste: greetings for every anniversary, messages of affection, souvenir…your customers will be happy to buy an exclusive postcard from which they’ll see germinate a plant.
Eco-Postcard collocates itself naturally in several types of shops: stationers’, bookshops, herbalist’s shops, furnishing shops, gift shops, but also souvenir shops, florists, etc.
For your shop, ask also for the counter display.

Please contact us at in order to receive the updated catalogue, and the selling terms reserved to retailers.


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